"We have been using the services of Excellent Outcomes for a number of years. The variety, depth of service and professionalism of Excellent Outcomes have proven invaluable for our organisation. Being able to access numerous services from Excellent Outcomes has meant that they have a significant depth of knowledge and understanding of our business which is vital when seeking out professional services. We have utilised their leadership and coaching services for our executive management team and Board members and their policy development services. Excellent Outcomes are also the trusted providers of human resource advisory services to the Northern Children’s Network Inc. We could not be more delighted with the services provided by Roxanne, Samantha and the team at Excellent Outcomes."

Sonia Purse Northern Children’s Network Inc.

""Excellent Outcomes audit our systems each year to ensure they meet the requirements of ISO9001.  Even though we are not formally certified to the Standard it's important to us that we have a management system in place that meets the requirements of our business, our people and our stakeholders.  Audits are done efficiently and provide value-add recommendations for us to consider to ensure we're working 'on our business' not just 'in the business'.  Thanks Excellent Outcomes""

Sheree Jones Solutions and Outcomes

""The training assisted our Managers with the current performance review process. In fact, one of our Managers had a particularly challenging review to complete and used the methods described in the training workshop. The results of using the tools provided by Excellent Outcomes exceeded our expectations. It's always a pleasure working with the team at Excellent Outcomes. Their knowledge and experience enhance our organisation. This training was particularly timely and relevant. Thank you!" "

Rosanna Coombes NRM North

"Excellent Outcomes were recommended to us by another small business who use their services regularly. Excellent Outcomes provides us with a human resource service and advice that is second to none. Being a small business we don't have these resources internally so utilising the skills Excellent Outcomes have means we can call on them when needed. They are easy to work with and really listen to understand what we need from them. I can highly recommend Excellent Outcomes"

Small Business Owner

"Excellent Outcomes facilitated our General Manager's 2017 Performance Review. The performance review was undertaken within a tight timeframe and the whole process was well received by Council. I appreciated the number of people you met with and the time taken to seek their feedback. The report was comprehensive and has provided a good basis for discussion with our General Manager in the new year. Thank you Roxanne!"

Council Employee

"With Roxanne's facilitation. we developed a Succession Plan that we did not have previously. We have used this as a guiding framework for our recruitment and selection decisions since then. We have been working towards the plan, often without even realising this. Through this process, we have also been able to identify talent/key players as well as understand where the gaps are with regards to skills and knowledge within the business. This is helping us to develop the current and future capability of our people"

Des Jennings Northern Midlands Council

"Excellent Outcomes facilitated our General Manager's 2017 Performance Review. The performance review was undertaken within a tight timeframe and the whole process was well received by Council. I appreciated the number of people you met with and the time taken to seek their feedback. The report was comprehensive and has provided a good basis for discussion with our General Manager in the new year. Thank you Roxanne!"

Craig Perkins Meander Valley Council

"Excellent Outcomes were recommended to us by another small business who use their services regularly. Excellent Outcomes provides us with a human resource service and advice that is second to none. Being a small business we don't have these resources internally so utilising the skills Excellent Outcomes have means we can call on them when needed. They are easy to work with and really listen to understand what we need from them. I can highly recommend Excellent Outcomes"

Deidre Pyecroft Kings Meadows Veterinary Clinic

"The Burnie City Council worked with Excellent Outcomes for three years, firstly developing and then implementing an Organisational Development Strategy. Roxanne was instrumental in coaching and mentoring the executive management team to ensure that the momentum continued when other pressures were placed on the organisation."

Andrew Wardlaw Burnie City Council

"Excellent Outcomes has introduced, supported and monitored the implementation of the Lean 5s and Kaizen improvements at TasRail's Launceston Workshop over the past eighteen months. Excellent Outcomes has provided the TasRail team with the methods to implement these processes with her extensive knowledge (and unending patience) and understanding of competitive systems and practices. Our workshop is well on the way with our Lean 5 journey and sustaining the gains from the Locomotive Wheel Change Kaizen Event. Thanks Roxanne!"

Gavin Brooks TasRail

"Thanks for your facilitation during our Lean Kaizen project, your guidance and help in order to make this project such a success. We could not have achieved nearly as much without your skills, attention to detail and encouragement for all the team."

James Macartney TasRail

"A good training session. An equal balance of introduction to lean principles to the uninitiated or those who have not had previously had any exposure/training; and for those who have undertaken training previously, nothing too repetitive and a great opportunity to recall principles and methods previously taught. The case studies she shared were valuable, particularly reference to efficiencies gained, services improved and $$ saved – which are imperative outcomes for a lean organisation. All round a worthwhile session…. thanks Roxanne"

Claire Jordan City of Devonport

"Roxanne’s enthusiasm for her work is contagious and I can see she practices what she teaches. I found the Lean workshop really enjoyable and really insightful how she leads and manages changes in relation to improvements. I was able to reflect and see where this would have been good in some of the improvements I have been involved with. I will definitely use these ideas in the future. Thanks Roxanne"

Debbie Murphy City of Devonport

"Roxanne was excellent, in the way she put everyone at ease and made the 2 days thoroughly enjoyable, while at the same time imparting all the content in a clear and easily understandable way. I came away confident that we can create and implement a specifically honed audit program to suit our purposes here."

SAI GlobalTraining Participant

"Roxanne was very knowledgeable and passionate about auditing and structured what can be a very dry subject well and kept it interesting on topic and relevant to me. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Roxanne for her help on the course and would recommend her and SAI Global to anyone else starting out in auditing."

SAI GlobalTraining Participant

"In life there are some people who are doing what they are meant to do! Roxanne Chugg is one of them - Roxanne has the knowledge and style to deliver the subject in an exemplary manner. Another facilitator could have made it very laborious, she is a star and her training courses are so enjoyable and worthwhile."

SAI GlobalTraining Participant

"Excellent delivery from Roxanne. She was very knowledgeable in auditing and could answer any questions first hand as she has current industry knowledge. She was also very approachable and understood the different learning styles of people in the room."

SAI GlobalTraining Participant

"We have a strong working relationship with Excellent Outcomes (EO) which helps us to extend our capacity and our expertise. EO recently provided an independent assessment of our Management Committee capabilities to ensure we have the right “Board” skills and knowledge now and into the future. Knowing that the team at EO could handle the task, start to finish, took a lot of pressure of our staff and the arms length approach worked really well. Thank you Excellent Outcomes!"

Rosanna Coombes NRM North

"Excellent Outcomes provides our business with a human resources support service that is simply outstanding. Their service is seamless and responsive, their advice is accurate and easy to understand and they are so easy to work with. I can highly recommend the fabulous team at Excellent Outcome."

Anna Henry Pets Now Boarding

"Over the last 3 years, Roxanne from Excellent Outcomes has provided support and assistance to TasRail in the areas of business improvement, project management, performance coaching and leadership coaching. Roxanne’s leadership style, management tools and methodologies have helped TasRail deliver sustained performance improvements across a number of areas. Roxanne has provided bespoke solutions supporting a number of initiatives across a number of areas including asset management, freight services and operations."

Jon Drew TasRail

"Thank you to Excellent Outcomes for supporting Kingborough in the delivery of the 2016 staff survey. I had been quite anxious about this process after a previous disappointing experience. However, Roxanne was very professional and easy to deal with. The outcome, including the main report and summary, will be of great benefit to the organisation over the coming 12 months in our efforts to improve staff engagement."

Pene Hughes Kingborough Council

"Roxanne was wonderful to work with and led us through the process to ensure we implemented actions to improve our processes involved with opening an Evacuation Centre during emergency events Our general debriefs don't go into this level of detail and generally improvements and actions are not implemented and the same mistakes continue to occur. The 'To Be Process' has provided clarity around roles and responsibilities and actions that need to be undertaken"

Bev Allen City of Launceston

"Roxanne worked with our Management Committee and guided us through the process of recruiting and selecting our new CEO. Her skills and knowledge are outstanding and she is so easy to work with. We now have a CEO who will excel and take NRM North forward into an exciting future. Thanks again for all your help Roxanne"

James Walch Chair NRM North

"Amanda and Roxanne from Excellent Outcomes conducted our first Employee Opinion Survey in 2015 to help us understand staff perceptions on culture, leadership and processes within our organisation. This has helped us to better understand the opportunities for improvement we need to consider and implement to take us into the future. Thank you Excellent Outcomes!"

Scott Schilg NRM North

"Roxanne has been engaged by Bayside City Council to assist with the design and delivery of a number of projects. I have found her contribution to our organization to be invaluable. She has worked with us on issues ranging from whole-of-organization strategies for achieving performance excellence through to process review and improvement in specific service areas. I recommend Roxanne without hesitation for her strategic focus, customer service orientation, clarity of communication and excellent client relationship management."

Adrian Robb CEO Bayside City Council

"Roxanne has worked closely with our senior management team over the last 5 years and has taken us to another level in achieving our organisational goals. Roxanne's attention to detail and ability to identify areas of improvement in an organisation are exceptional."

Scott Schilg NRM North

"Roxanne is a unique consultant/facilitator in that she brings the rare combination and qualities of high capability, authentic positivity, warmth and caring that makes people feel good during the project. In a recent project that I was a part of, she led from start to finish and created such an air of enthusiasm in both the believers and the sceptics that had to be seen to be believed! Along the way, she made you feel TRULY valued for your contributions no matter how small, and this made you want to do more! She is able to completely take the lead in an organisation's project that had been (up until she was handed the challenge), been put in the too hard basket even if it was critical to the health of the business! Roxanne can listen to all of the challenges presented by team members in a project, go away and come back with a comprehensive, logical, user friendly workable process, all the while making people feel that their ideas are valued and it was their ideas that she has facilitated into an overall, big picture solution which wins support. She is just someone you enjoy working with, can trust and a person who brings out the best in you! I always looked forward to her meetings with us as she is such a ray of sunshine and tangible progress is always made at each and every meeting! I highly recommend her for any project within her skillset or to lead projects outside her area of technical expertise where she can unite a pool of technical minds to work together to find a solution is required - Thanks Roxanne"

Aussie Dukeson

"Roxanne recently facilitated two Lean workshops for our staff. She listened to what outcomes we wanted to achieve and tailored the content and delivery of the workshop to suit our needs. There were lots of hands on, practical activities to balance out the Lean theory, You Tube clips to show us Lean in action, case studies and music to ensure the workshop was enjoyable and engaging. A thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile day! Thanks Roxanne!"

Rachel Moore Retirement Benefits Fund

"Roxanne recently facilitated a full day staff development workshop for 86 of our staff from across Tasmania. Her ability to engage such a large number of participants in a fun and interactive way meant our staff came away with increased self awareness and a deeper appreciation of the diversity that exists within NCN. Feedback from participants was really positive. I would highly recommend the use of her facilitation skills and expertise. Thanks Roxanne"

Steve Yates Northern Children's Network

"l just wanted to once again to thank you for your patience, guidance and understanding during the two day course. I learnt so much from the course and from the conversations that we had and am looking forward to putting the learning's into practice"

Annette Morgan VicRoads

"It was an absolute pleasure completing this course with you. You have been a great facilitator and made learning an easy, fun and interactive experience."

Jade Harry Identifibre Pty. Ltd.

"It was a real pleasure to meet you and thank you for your training. You are clearly very knowledgeable and experienced and skilled at teaching and the fact that you enjoy the teaching also made it enjoyable for me and I’m sure for the others as well. I will be making good use of what I have learned in both doing internal audits and reviewing those done in our branches as we prepare for our ISO 9001 re certification."

Joe Costanzo Emerson Process Management Australia

"Roxanne and her team have responded quickly and efficiently to our staff development requests. Roxanne truly listens then responds in a timely manner which helps us in achieving our organisational goals. I would recommend Excellent Outcomes to those wanting to develop their Executives and staff."

Steve Yates Northern Children's Network

"We have an excellent relationship with Roxanne. She facilitates with ease and frees up others within our organisation to participate. Roxanne has been readily available to assist us when we have needed her services and expertise. Having an understanding of our business and the way we operate has been a distinct advantage in the workshops she has facilitated over the past 2-3 years."

Lou Clark Bell Bay Aluminium

"Excellent Outcomes conducted an External Desktop Assessment using the Australian Business Excellence Framework (ABEF) as the holistic model to determine current performance and to determine if the organisation has sustained its improvement commitment and efforts since its Awards success in 2008. This information will be used to initiate discussions and inform future plans to continue to improve and to strive for and sustain excellence"

Nick Heath City of Hobart

"Amanda’s HR and workplace relations advice and knowledge is outstanding."

Greg Boon Tas Water

"Excellent Outcomes undertook a Policy Review and Gap Analysis to review our existing policy documentation specific to Tourism Northern Tasmania. Following this review a report was written and provided, outlining recommendations on specific areas to close the gaps. When implemented this will ensure Tourism Northern Tasmania will have up to date and comprehensive policies implemented that meet the needs of the organisation"

Chris Grifin Tourism Northern Tasmania

"It was a pleasure to work with Amanda to develop our electronic Employee Handbook. Her advice was up to date, accurate & timely. She took the time to understand our needs and provided a product that will be of enormous benefit to our organisation now and into the future as we keep abreast of ever changing legalisation and obligations around our human resources."

Fiona George NRM North

"Roxanne worked with us to facilitate the recruitment and selection of our new General Manager. Roxanne took the time to listen to what Councillors and senior management wanted in our new GM and facilitated a fruitful discussion on how we all felt and what we wanted to achieve for our municipality now and in the future. Roxanne provided objective questioning and directed discussion to help us work through building strong relationships within our Council. We really enjoyed and valued Roxanne's facilitation style and working with her during this process"

Councillor Alwyn Friedersdorff Waratah Wynyard Council

"A terrific workshop. Great feedback has been provided to me by the attendees. Attendees acquired a sound theoretical background to Lean, but most importantly were given the opportunity to apply the principles to their own workplace - thank you Roxanne"

Claire Jordan Devonport City Council

"Excellent Outcomes undertook an External Assessment of our organisation, engaging with management and employees at all levels. Roxanne (Lead Facilitator) and Gary have significant experience and this enabled a strong data collection and analysis skill, eg effective workshop questioning. It also supported a well written report that was very relevant and informative (particularly given Excellent Outcomes’ local government experience). The support received to consider the recommendations and an approach was above expectations"

Adrian Robb CEO, Bayside City Council

""We are in a much better place in regards to our management system and internal audits than we were twelve months ago and would like to thank you very much for the support and assistance provided to us during this time""

Anthony Page Darwin

"Excellent Outcomes have partnered with us, using change management principles and techniqes, to facilitate the development and implementation a consistent, organisation wide Contractor Management process, integrated with our systems and processes. This has resulted in significantly reduced risk, an understanding of the end to end process from an employee and contractor perspective and has also achieved efficiency gains. Roxanne's understanding of the requirements of effective and efficient contractor management and her ability to work with our people at all levels to ensure buy in and compliance to the process has been a real bonus"

Client Tasmania

"Thank you for the brilliant services and solutions you offer at Excellent Outcomes. Councillors, our community, our staff… we are all winners."

Mayor Kim Polley Northern Midlands Council

"The transformation that our organisation has undergone through working with Excellent Outcomes to introduce and implement Lean has greatly improved efficiencies, safety, risk and employee morale within our Production team. Our employees have a greater understanding of Lean Manufacturing which helps them understand end-to-end processes and improves their approach to their daily tasks."

Mik Excel Novaris

"This is the best example of change management I've seen, thanks Roxanne."

Senior Executive, Local Government Tasmania

"Thanks for your workshop. As a result our people will be able to develop and apply performance measures not only to improvement projects but also other areas of their work, and across the organisation."

Workshop Participant Devonport Tasmania

"You're a truly warm and engaging person and I always enjoy being in your space."

Local Government employee Tasmania

"I have learned so much about what 'positive enthusiasm' and a 'can do' attitude can achieve and that is what you have brought along to our project meetings as our Facilitator each and every time! I am not overstating it when I say that you are one of the most effective facilitators and performers I have ever met in all of my travels and jobs and that includes Tas, WA, SA and Vic! If you could be cloned Australia's GDP would skyrocket and our workers would be much better managed, happier, depression levels would drop and people would hence, perform much better, paying off our national debt and improving social services. Vote 1 Roxanne Chugg!"

Local Government employee Tasmania

"Roxanne has recently worked with us to develop a contemporary Human Resources Strategy here at TasRail. Her ability to help us to understand our vision for the future, clarify and articulate our strategic objectives and agree on what we need to do to achieve the Human Resources KRA's outlined in the TasRail Corporate Plan is truly valued."

Jim Burden TasRail

"Amanda recently worked with us to support our Enterprise Agreement negotiation process. Those involved developed trust and respect for Amanda and she was very professional in her ability to provide support and advice; her knowledge is outstanding. Thanks Amanda."

Jim Burden TasRail

"Roxanne is working with us to implement a continuous improvement system that is engaging our staff at all levels, giving them a voice to improve processes such as our website and intranet, waste management, complaints handling and action requests and engineering services. Her ability to successfully facilitate and coach and mentor others during the implementation of improvements is a real asset."

Sandra Ayton Central Coast Council

"Roxanne was engaged to perform an evaluation based on the Australian Business Excellence Framework (ABEF). Her approach was very professional, and her advice and guidance was key to our success with the ABEF."

Fintan Persse DORIC Contractors

"We recently conducted a comprehensive review of our risk management policy and with Roxanne’s guidance and expertise developed an organisation-wide Risk Management Framework. An important outcome of this review was the initiation of a corporate wide, consistent approach to risk management. Roxanne provided a comprehensive proposal and program to assist us in delivering an awareness program that encompassed risk assessment training including practical training briefings and training sessions to enhance awareness in risk identification, project risk assessment and the development of our organisation’s corporate risk register. Roxanne’s delivery of the awareness program and development of the Framework is testament to her commitment to delivering "Excellent Outcomes"."

Jim Burden Former Launceston City Council Organisational Development Manager

"The training was very beneficial for me to set things out in a logical structured way. Thanks for the delivery of a pleasant two-training days."

Noel Graham Great Ocean Ingredients

"Roxanne, you’ve been an invaluable mentor/stimulator. Thank you so much."

Employee Local Government Tasmania

"I must say I really enjoyed the course and learnt a great deal. It made me realise how many different audits that need to be carried out, rather than just a financial audit."

Sophie Pitchford Flinders Council

"I found the training to be excellent, appreciated how well organised the course was and enjoyed your participative style. "

Sandra Wilson Executive Manager People and Culture

"Thanks Roxanne for your excellent facilitation. Our clients say it is ‘world class’."


"Great session delivered with very tight time constraint and engaged with all participants."

John Brooks Presbyterian Care Tasmania

"Thank you Roxanne for working so closely with our staff to develop our risk management and business planning processes."

Raoul Harper Flinders Council

"Thank you for your professional service Roxanne. Your responsiveness to and understanding of our organisation’s unique structure and requirements have been impressive and highly conducive to a productive and relevant set of recommendations. Your report provides a structure for us to implement your recommendations and a clear avenue for continuous improvement."

David Chapman Darwin, NT

"It has been a pleasure working with Amanda from Excellent Outcomes. The HR Assessment and Review of our workplace was thorough and the report has been very valuable to the internal review of our people processes. Amanda has also assisted us in the review and improvement of our Employee Manual. Advice received was up to date and well researched and Amanda was able to talk to us in plain English and develop the Employee Manual with us. I would recommend the HR Assessment and Amanda’s HR skills and knowledge to any organisation wanting to improve their HR practices."

Fiona George NRM North

"Excellent Outcomes have recently conducted an audit of the outcomes from our organisational review back in February 2012. This audit has helped us to understand the benefits we’ve achieved from implementing their recommendations and provides us with a focus for continually improving into the future."

Des Jennings Break O’Day Council

"Excellent Outcomes helped us to review our WHS Policy, safe work method procedures and assisted us to develop a process to assess the risks of new jobs to ensure our employees are safe and well"

Small Business, George Town Tasmania

"The Powercom Group has worked with Roxanne to implement our continuous improvement / Business Excellence Framework, for the past 7 years. During this time Roxanne has guided us on the journey of discovery that is ‘Business Excellence’. Roxanne’s wealth of knowledge in this area combined with her ability to analyse our organisations key strategic strengths and weaknesses has been invaluable in helping us to embrace and move forward with a structured framework of continuous improvement. Roxanne, we thank you for the patience and understanding that you have shown to all of our staff, without your expertise and experience we could not have made it this far."

Mark Wild Powercom Group

"Amanda assisted IT Resourcing with a recent project on the transition from the state based IT Award to the new Modern Award. As a small business we needed some expert advice, Amanda was very professional and knowledgeable explaining the changes and helping us implement them."

Mathew Reed Director, IT Resourcing

"I have loved being a part of SAI Global’s Business Excellence program at Council! What you are doing with our organisation is wonderful; it’s great to see the changes occur and the positive influence the program is having on Council. I feel like I have progressed so much in my career simply by being a part of the journey so far"

Council employee Tasmania

"I really liked the presenter especially the indescribable aura that emanated from her, which bathed us all in a warm benevolent glow "

Participant State government department

"Amanda’s HR and workplace relations advice and knowledge is outstanding."

Greg Boon Executive Manager Human Resources

"Thank you Roxanne for an excellent training course. An educational, relevant and enjoyable experience! I hope to attend more of your training in the future…"

Andrea Entwistle QA and Compliance Manager, Matchworks

"Thank you for your facilitation of our Internal Audit training. The course was interesting and informative and presented well. I learnt a lot."

Phillip Dudley Caterpillar Underground Mining

"Thanks Roxanne for your great support, generosity and positive feedback. It was a very full 2 days but certainly worthwhile."

Sarah Chong Calvary Healthcare

"Roxanne facilitated the recent conduct of our organisational review to ensure we have the appropriate level of resources to deliver quality, affordable services to the community now and into the future.  We now have a new and formal Organisational Structure that reflects the day to day nature and interactions and inter-relationships of Council’s services, while also incorporating the desired strategic direction of Council."

Des Jennings Break O’Day Council

"Roxanne’s facilitation helped our Elected Members refocus their attention on the strategic requirement of their roles. "

Greg Winton Waratah-Wynyard Council

"Great facilitation and pre workshop preparation.  Thanks Roxanne! "

Greg Preece Meander Valley Council

"As a client we were pleased with all aspects of the project delivery and the relationship development. The communications were clear, adequately frequent and also suitably flexible to suit both parties as required. I found, and welcome, the tailored approach developed by Roxanne to meeting our needs. The real value came from the interpretation of the individual needs of the situation and participants and the outcome speaks for itself. Well done, an “excellent outcome”. "

Richard Ingram Cradle Coast NRM

"Thank you for the training. I have completed a lot of courses and it is actually rare to have training delivered by someone as confident, knowledgeable and professional as you are. Excellent! "

Andrew Davidson Darwin NT

"It was important to start this process with an independent facilitator to give it credibility in the eyes of those who participated in the workshop and employees. At short notice you stepped in to fill the breach. "

Lou Clark Bell Bay Aluminium

"Let me start by saying how resilient and professional Roxanne was in her facilitation of our workshops and training. Her sense of humour and professional delivery made the training and workshops interesting and educational. She definitely has experience and core subject knowledge."

Peter Freund Darwin NT

"Roxanne has been such an integral part of our process of implementing the Business Excellence Framework here within Devonport City Council. Without her wise and knowledgeable guidance we would have floundered and would not have achieved the successes we have so far. We feel that we need Roxanne’s expertise on a continuing basis in a coaching and mentoring capacity in order to ensure we are on track and to give us important feedback and focus for our journey. Roxanne has developed wonderful relationships with the people in our organisation, including the Aldermen. Our faith in her has been rewarded immeasurably! "

Ian McCallum Devonport City Council

"Thanks to Roxanne we now have a team of very keen and capable Auditors. Thanks for your great work here."

Marg Killen J Boag & Son Brewing Pty Ltd

"Roxanne recently provided excellent support to us by facilitating an industry workshop on the review of the review of our Strategic Plan.  Roxanne took time before the workshop to talk to us to plan the day and to ensure she was well briefed to meet our needs. With her help we were able to achieve our objectives for the day, on time and with all participants comfortable with the way the workshop was run and their opportunity for input. Roxanne has a friendly, co-operative and genuine approach."

Greg Pinkard Vegetable Industry Advisory Board

"Roxanne facilitated the Performance Review of our General Manager, gaining buy in from Elected Members and the General Manager and assisted us to develop a process we can use moving forward.”"

Mayor Kim Polley Northern Midlands Council

"Roxanne helped us develop a long term plan and project plan to implement our Quality Management System with a focus on achieving excellence not just compliance."

Greg Crawford Presbyterian Care Tasmania

"We recently engaged Roxanne to conduct Internal Auditor Training for 20 participants. Her application to the training was faultless and showed a wealth of knowledge on Auditing and kept everyone engaged throughout the two day course.  The course materials were excellent and the results of the assessments are testimony to the facilitator’s training technique. We now move positively forward into an Internal Audit Program."

Beverley Cummings Southern Water

"Roxanne has been an important partner to the success of the Hobart City Council in applying the Business Excellence Framework over a period of twelve (12) years. Roxanne’s role has included training, facilitating, mentoring and guidance not only to the organisation and its leadership but also many of the employees that have gone on to become business excellence “champions”. That support has been pivotal in Hobart building its continuous improvement culture and recognition as an organisation of excellence."

Gary Randall Hobart City Council