Case Study SRA Risk Managment

Members of the Local Government Sub-regional alliance have been working together to share and improve their processes …. take a look at what they’ve been working on to improve risk in their Councils….

Situation / Driver:

  • Lack of a documented approach as to how risk is managed, coordinated, monitored and reported
  • Ad-hoc approach to managing risk
  • No consistent, organisation-wide approach to identify, assess and treat risk
  • Current risk approach not complying with 2012 WHS Act and Regulations
  • Lack of understanding around roles and responsibilities regarding risk
  • Lack of risk measures for reporting purposes
  • Lack of a plan to implement our risk management approach


  • Engage Excellent Outcomes to support us in the review of our Risk Policy and develop a written Risk Management Framework to help us understand how we manage risk to meet the requirements of the 2012 WHS Act and Regulations and add value to our business
  • Develop WHS Training for all levels to raise awareness  of impacts of changes and roles and responsibilities and get buy in to identify risks
  • Enhance risk tools that can be used on the job to assess risk
  • Develop risk reporting to enable proactive monitoring of risk

Benefits Achieved:

  • A documented Policy and Risk Register that’s easy to use and a Risk Framework that acts as an implementation plan to help us implement effective risk management
  • Safe Working Method Statements (SWMS) are being enhanced/developed and implemented
  • Risk training put in place and ongoing
  • Roles and responsibilities regarding risk clearer
  • Policies and procedures are being reviewed to comply with Codes of Practice
  • A set of risk measures to capture, analyse and report on for future decision making
  • Risk assessment and JSA information is captured in the system to feed into WHS measures and reporting
  • Integration of WHS into daily activities, planning and decision making

Lessons Learnt:

  • Commitment from the top is critical
  • Get buy in from management and staff
  • Focus and don’t steer off course
  • Get external expertise and advice when you need it