Case Study SRA Business Planning

Members of the Local Government Sub-regional alliance have been working together to share and improve their processes …. they’ve worked together to develop their business planning processes based on the model used by Devonport City Council……

Situation / Driver:

  • Budget driven planning process was ineffective, inefficient and stifled creativity and visionary thinking
  • Failure to meet agreed timeframes within the planning and budget process
  • Inefficiency in development of the Annual Report


  • Map out our Business Planning process using a template kindly provided by Devonport City Council – refer
  • Giving Councillors the opportunity to have their input and agree on the process
  • Supporting the GM to coordinate the documented BP process annually
  • Build ownership of the process into Position Descriptions
  • Give SMT the opportunity to have their input
  • Share it with key staff
  • Work to make it “alive” e.g. put key steps in MS Outlook as reminders, add it to the SMT Meeting Agenda etc
  • Put a reminder in place to review the process at the end of each business planning cycle to review and improve it

Benefits Achieved:

  • A documented and holistic Strategic and Business Planning process that we can follow
  • A Business Planning process that is more consultative and driven by plans and ideas not restricted by budgets
  • Buy in to the process
  • Ownership of the process by Corporate Services as coordinators of the process
  • Lessons learnt discussed and process continuously improved

Lessons Learnt:

  • Focus on transferring the process from “paper to practice”
  • Build in accountability to follow the process