Case Study NRM North Performance Excellence Evaluation

NRM North


  • This evaluation was conducted as an independent review of NRM North’s performance against the “Performance Excellence Guide for Regional Natural Resource Management Organisations, Second Edition, 2008” (The Guide).


  • The review involved a semi-structured approach to the collection of information through discussions with members of the Board, senior management team, staff and a cross-section of external stakeholders. A review of internal policy, communication, and planning documents provided additional information that was drawn upon to prepare this report.

Benefits Achieved

The benefits of this review to NRM North and its stakeholders include:

  • Identification of key strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Providing a basis for prioritisation of strategies for improving organisational capability and performance
  • Providing a base line for monitoring progress over time
  • Facilitating exchange of information and benchmarking of management practices across the NRM sector