Case Study NRM North Information Management

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NRM North identified the need to improve their information management system.  A significant amount of time is currently spent searching for information on the organisation’s intranet costing money in loss of productive time and frustration for staff.  Roxanne was asked by NRM North to facilitate a formal improvement project using a proven improvement methodology and tools…

Situation / Driver:

  • Lack of an integrated and easy to navigate information management system
  • Ad-hoc archiving
  • Ad-hoc process for reviewing and improving processes
  • Uncontrolled  and duplicated documentation
  • Lack of understanding of risks (of not managing information well)
  • Documented can be difficult to find e.g. not intuitive/logical
  • No document control – ownership, review and improvement and training around


  • Formation of a formal improvement team & appointment of an Information Management Coordinator
  • Use of continuous improvement methodology and tools
  • Implementing of SharePoint (and integrated Office365 package)
  • Process Mapping with emphasis on integration with IM solutions (enQuire – contract management and SharePoint – enterprise content manager)

Benefits Achieved:

  • A documented cloud-based content management system
  • Accessibility for those off site
  • Ownership of a Document Control Process
  • Permissions process for document changes
  • A documented and automated archiving process
  • Process for review and improvement of information/documentation (based on risk)
  • A way of analysing “better ways” to determine if they are in fact a “better way” for the majority and not just change for the sake of one or two individuals
  • Standard Procedures Manual – to understand “this is the business way of doing things”
  • Key words to allow efficient searching for information
  • Savings  conservatively identified at $50k per annum!