Case Study City of Hobart Excellence Journey

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The 1990’s were a period of turbulent change

  • New Local Government Act
  • National Competition Policy
  • 2 State Government Amalgamation Inquiries
  • 3 General Managers
  • Organisational upheaval and restructuring

This resulted in significant uncertainty within the organisation and a focus on operational rather than more strategic issues.  Holistic measurement of the organisation’s performance was almost non existence.  The organisation made the decision to ask Roxanne to assist in the implementation of the Australian Business Excellence Framework with impressive results …

Situation / Driver

  • Token vision, mission and values
  • Minimal leadership opportunities for employees
  • Limited culture of involvement and improvement
  • Limited appreciation of customer segments and current and future needs
  • Task based team work
  • Processes not optimised and minimal ownership
  • Limited opportunities to voice employee concerns
  • Short term planning and reporting systems
  • Limited strategic and organisational performance management


  • Australian Business Excellence Framework to identify opportunities and drive strategic alignment to plans and processes
  • Development of internal capability to facilitate change and improvement
  • Coaching and mentoring to improve processes

Benefits Achieved

  • Process improvements identified and actioned continually
  • 20 Year Strategic Framework and performance measurement framework developed
  • Consultation policy and guidelines developed for use at all levels
  • Controlled documentation of all core processes through management system and defined ownership and responsibility of all core processes
  • Sustainability Framework and plan development
  • Stronger stakeholder relationships

Lessons Learnt

  • Build on the critical mass once it’s rolling (you will be surprised at the take-up by staff)
  • The ground swell of change will form and shape the culture
  • Create champions to do it for you
  • Recognise, share and celebrate successes
  • Leave the cynics behind (their voices will fade over those that get on board)