Case Study Devonport City Council - Training

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Devonport City Council identified an opportunity to improve the way training is coordinated at all levels in the organisation.  An improvement team set to work on putting a training and development process in place that ensures needs of employees are formally identified, assessed, coordinated and monitored … and integrated with performance management.

Situation / Driver:

  • Ad-hoc approach to training across the organisation
  • No linkages to training and development with performance reviews
  • No consistent approach to identify, assess, coordinate training
  • Lack of understanding of who is responsible for training


  • Team consisting of:
  • Sponsor – Shane Crawford
  • Facilitators – Angela Wells; Peter Porch
  • Process Owners – Jacci McDougall; Kylie Lunson; Fabio Pizzirani; Karen Stone; Shane Warren
  • Paradigm Person – Damian Collins; Anne-Maree Snell; Phil Cowmeadow
  • Worked through a 9 Step Continuous Improvement Methodology
  • Developed and implemented a documented Training and Development process; integrated with the Performance Evaluation System (PES), outlining how training needs are identified, assessed and coordinated as well as clear roles and responsibilities for training

Benefits Achieved:

  • Monetary savings through cross-organisational training (multiple staff undertaking combined training, rather than costly one on one individual based training)
  • Integrated training identification and coordination resulting in efficiencies and more satisfied staff
  • PES reviews are undertaken with staff annually
  • Training and development needs of employees are identified, assessed, coordinated and monitored as part of the new process
  • A Training Report can now be printed from PES to monitor outstanding and completed training
  • The process is an Appendix to the Devonport City Council Learning and Development Strategy

Lessons Learnt:

  • Process map, process map, process map!
  • Don’t be tempted to skip the steps
  • Be brave and try the different improvement tools; don’t be afraid to fail