Case Study Devonport City Council - Mail and Records

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Incoming mail and records were a challenge for Devonport City Council.  An improvement team set about developing an integrated process for incoming mail and information retrieval.  Here’s what they achieved:

Situation / Driver:

  • Lack of systematic process to monitor incoming mail and records in the organisation
  • Communication challenges
  • Lack of awareness of Council’s EDRMS (including integrated process for information retrieval)
  • Lack of understanding of roles and responsibilities

The Team:

  • Team consisting of:
    • Sponsor – Shane Crawford
    • Facilitators – Peter Tuson, Tracey Bruce
    • Process Owners – Debbie Murphy; Nikita Hillier; Karen Hampton; Jennifer Broomhall; Tracie Buchwald; Rose Lynd; Leanne French; Lee Michell
    • Paradigm Person – Matt Hillier

Benefits Achieved:

  • Closing of unnecessary PO Boxes resulting in savings
  • Cost efficiencies from review of use of fax machines
  • Broadened knowledge and ensuring staff at all levels understand the practical and statutory requirements of records management
  • Assigned Mail Officers
  • Electronic Mail Register developed
  • Records Communique integrated with the Communication Strategy
  • Electronic mail distribution process developed for organisation (including distribution protocols and procedures)
  • Improved receipt of paper-based mail
  • Ongoing education and awareness of staff in regards to records processes and procedures

Lessons Learnt:

  • The risks associated with poor capture and retention of mail and other information has been significantly reduced
  • Scope the project out well at the beginning
  • Establish your measures of success to demonstrate team outcomes
  • The project was a challenging and enjoyable experience