Case Study Devonport City Council - Events

Devonport City Council

In the high risk area of events management Devonport City Council had an inconsistent approach in place, no system for distribution of information, an inefficient application process and poor information management.  Read more about how their staff were empowered to improve the process….

Situation / Driver:

  • Inconsistent approach to events management
  • No system in place for distribution of information
  • Inefficient application process
  • Poor information management
  • Lack of understanding of roles and responsibilities internally and externally
  • Risk associated with events


  • Team consisting of:
    • Sponsor – Matthew Atkins; Evonne Ewins; Shane Crawford
    • Facilitator – Kylie Lunson
    • Process Owners – Belinda Brocksopp; Tracey Bruce; Diane Williams; Stuart Jones; Angie Wells; Robyn Inglis; Wendy Bakker; Bruce Harpley; Karen Welsh
    • Paradigm Person – Craig McMillan; Clint Costello
  • Worked through a 9 Step Continuous Improvement Methodology
  • Developed and implemented a consistent process relating to permits, licences, road closures, work-orders and associated documentation for events
  • Development of an Events database to use as an internal tracking system to ensure all interested parties are informed of relevant information in a timely manner
  • Communication of the new process to stakeholders outlining the improvements
  • Staff training undertaken to ensure information to members of the public (MOP)is consistent and clear
  • The application process has been centralised

Benefits Achieved:

  • A documented and holistic Events Management process that works!
  • Implementation of Event Management Guide (streamlining of all required documentation into one, easy to use Guide)
  • Council are now less liable in the area of events
  • Formal feedback regarding the new events management process is  sought and considered for continual  improvement
  • An accurate Calendar of Events exists for the community
  • Responsible person now liaises directly with the event organiser
  • Ease of use and simplified process has encouraged reluctant parties to comply with and submit Event applications
  • All stakeholders own the process and use it

Lessons Learnt:

  • Embed the improvements
  • The team have thoroughly enjoyed the process and working together to make this improvement