Case Study Devonport City Council - Assets

Devonport City Council

In looking for ways to continue to improve Council identified that there wasn’t a system in place to capture and manage the organisation’s assets… here’s what a team came up with to implement to improve the situation…

Situation / Driver:

  • Asset capitalisations are not managed consistently resulting in a significant risk to the organisation
  • There is no one system in place to capture and manage assets in the organisation
  • Asset management is not a consideration in purchasing decisions
  • There is a lack of awareness around the important of asset management


  • Team consisting of:
    • Sponsor – Andrew Rundle
    • Facilitator – Karen Stone and Peter Gillam
    • Process Owners – Gavin Boyd, Ben Smith, Margaret Muir, Scott Collins, Peter Tuson, Kim Peebles, Scott Russell, Marcus Lee, Cathy Stubbs
    • Paradigm Person – Ellie Ray, Bruce Harpley, Sandra NugentPeter Porch and Simon Eustace attended a meeting to offer their expertise
  • Development of an integrated asset management approach with Tech 1 and finance upgrade that allows us to make better informed decisions regarding the management of assets and allows us to focus on areas that need improvement in asset management

Benefits Achieved:

  • A consistent and whole of picture asset management  and the capitalisation process approach now embedded in our system, allowing for improved decision making
  • The process has aided the development of  capitalisation guidelines which foster improved understanding of capitalisation  processes , expenditure types and thresholds.
  • Significant improvement in the understanding of asset management generally and silo thinking breaking down across departments
  • A dedicated agenda exists to guide conversations around assets at meetings
  • More inclusion, awareness and buy-in from staff regarding asset management
  • Barriers have been broken down and conversations and decisions around management of our assets has improved

Lessons Learnt:

  • The team worked well coupled with the finance system upgrade
  • The team had a diverse range of skills and knowledge and worked well together
  • People were really willing to contribute to discussion and ideas to make our solution work
  • The whole process was enjoyable!