Case Study Devonport City Council - Excellence Journey

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Led by Ian and his Senior Management Team, Devonport City Council have already achieved some fantastic outcomes by adopting SAI Global’s Business Excellence Framework. Since 2009 the organisation has transformed from the pain of restructure to be an organisation truly striving to be excellent in all that they do...

Situation / Driver:

  • Lack of vision and agreed values and behaviours
  • Lack of visionary leadership
  • Planning driven by budget decisions
  • Little leadership opportunity for employees
  • Culture of “but this is the way we’ve always done it”
  • Limited culture of participation and collaboration
  • Lack of agreed and consistent ways of doing things i.e. “our agreed best way”
  • Little team work and lack of opportunities for all staff to have a voice


  • Adopt SAI Global’s Australian Business Excellence Framework (ABEF)
  • Utilise SAI Global Delivery Partner, Roxanne Chugg to help us to implement the ABEF, develop our internal capability, to coach and mentor
  • Train selected staff to be “facilitators of improvement”
  • Ongoing coaching and mentoring to sustain the gains

Benefits Achieved:

  • A documented and holistic Strategic and Business Planning process that works!
  • Performance measures aligned to our plans
  • A fantastic Events Management process to ensure we comply with internal and external requirements
  • Community Consultation and Engagement guidelines developed for use right across the organisation
  • A documented Communication Strategy to guide what needs to be communicated, how and when
  • Improved documentation and communication of our policies and procedures to ensure we do things well and consistently
  • The opportunity for our staff to work together collaboratively to improve the way things are done
  • Improved understanding and use of asset data
  • An organisation-wide training plan linked to our performance management system
  • Improved mail and records management right across the organisation
  • A comprehensive risk management framework to manage and report WH&S and other risks
  • A Consultative Committee to ensure our staff have a say
  • Improved plant management to reduce costs
  • 20 Year Strategic Framework and performance measurement framework developed
  • A Continuous Improvement System to sustain our culture of improvement into the future

Lessons Learnt:

  • Make sure you have a plan to implement your improvement!
  • Value the role of a “paradigm person” … someone who can think outside the square
  • Follow the improvement methodology and try different improvement tools – have fun!
  • Understand ourselves, be self aware; we all bring different things to the table
  • Empower your people to improve