Case Study Central Coast Council - Waste Management

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Central Coast Council embarked on a journey of excellence in 2010.  A number of improvement reviews have taken place with many employees participating in reviewing and improving the processes they work within.

The journey is proving to be an interesting one with some great results being achieved...

Situation / Driver

  • Operation of four disposal facilities
  • Current costs of 2.5 million and escalating
  • Increasing demands and expectations from a range of sectors e.g. public, commercial, regional, statutory and Government
  • Opportunity to review each component of the waste management operation


  • A formal improvement team established
  • Proven improvement methodology and tools used for the review of waste management

Benefits Achieved

  • Decrease in costs  - these will be demonstrated in a tangible manner over coming months
  • Other benefits have flowed from the original project as a result of  Resource Centre employees being engaged in improving the way things are done – well done!
  • Tangible savings so far achieved = $44, 560.00
  • Improved consultation with community
  • Sound process for managing the change and expectations
  • Improvement to recycling services for the community
  • Agreed Waste Management strategy moving forward to continue improvement efforts

Some comments from team members

"It has been good to engage with other stakeholders and work together to implement improvements"

"This process has allowed everyone to input their ideas"

"A lot of solutions and ongoing recommendations are taking place by employees in this area to make further improvements"

"I have liked the rigour around the methodology we used"

"The data collection and decision making tools are useful and easy to use and understand"

"Data gathering was interesting and helped to frame our improvements i.e. decisions based on facts and data"