Case Study Break O’Day Council - Organisational Review - Audit of Outcomes

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Situation – Catalyst for Change:

  • Unsustainable financial position
  • Culture of "this is the way we’ve always done things"
  • Limited culture of "working efficiently and effectively"
  • Gaps in industry knowledge in specific areas
  • Silo mentality between departments
  • Lack of vision and agreed values and behaviours
  • Little recognition of Council’s strategic goals
  • No focus on continuous improvement


  • Organisational Review
  • Implementation plan to monitor and guide change management
  • Future workforce planning and alignment of the Organisational Structure to the Strategic Plan
  • Redundant positions identified
  • Identification and design of additional roles required
  • Reduction in vehicle fleet and usage
  • Outsourced the operation of four waste transfer stations
  • Transformed the Works Department
  • Contracted the animal control unit
  • Downsized administrative support staff
  • Roles in Economic Development and Communication developed
  • The council carried out several infrastructure projects to improve its stormwater drainage to mitigate flooding problems and began a bridge restoration program  
  • Introduction of structured planning of work
  • Ongoing team work, coaching and mentoring
  • Cultural change to introduce ongoing improvement and working more efficiently  

Benefits Achieved:       

  • A sustainable financial position - Reduced operating deficit and employee costs by $985,352!
  • Identification of skill gaps      
  • More efficient and effective ways of working    
  • Industry experts contracted to manage specific Council functions   
  • Reduction in risk due to an increase in knowledge/skills and industry expertise
  • Ability to work towards strategic goals
  • Improved moral and team work

Lessons Learnt:

  • Don’t be afraid to change from the status quo
  • The "hard" decisions will be worth it
  • An implementation plan is invaluable
  • Don’t underestimate employees desire to improve and achieve
  • Empower your people to improve
  • Prioritise solutions and continue to implement
  • Seek feedback from stakeholders and be prepared to change back if outcomes aren’t achieved