Case Study Break O’Day Council

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There was a day to day focus with little operational emphasis on the achievement of Council’s strategic direction. Council has recently engaged all stakeholders to formulate its 2011-2015 Strategic Plan. This plan outlines a number of goals that stakeholders would like achieved in the next four (4) years.

The previous organisational structure was best described as ad-hoc. Clear alignment between structure and service provision was not evident and processes were in place with little emphasis on systematic continuous improvement.  Roxanne was engaged to conduct an organisational review…

Situation / Driver

  • Ad-hoc organisational structure
  • No alignment between structure and service delivery
  • Positions created on an as needs basis due to workload at the time
  • Significant issues due to a pattern of ignoring human resource problems
  • Work practices have existed for many years and continue simply because “this is the way we’ve always done it”


  • Conduct of a formal structural review to align with Strategic Plan and service delivery
  • Needs analysis of current and future needs conducted
  • Full review of all positions, training needs analysis

Benefits Achieved

  • Major changes implemented to continue to drive culture change
  • A formal organisational structure and reporting
  • The right people in the right roles enabling more efficient and effective delivery of Council services
  • Services surplus to organisational needs made redundant
  • New positions created to fill gaps in service delivery
  • Savings of around $300k are on track to being achieved and will be reviewed early in 2013