Valuing your greatest asset…

Posted by Roxanne Chugg

I often hear people say “our people are our greatest asset.  Do we truly believe that?  How well do organisations align their policies with that value and actually treat people as they would a valued asset? How well do Executives, Senior Manager’s and “Human Resources” personnel serve their people as if they were truly a wonderful asset to the business and not just a cost.
A strong, skilled and motivated workforce is not just an asset, but also a competitive advantage.   It’s what makes you different from those who compete to deliver the same or similar products or services that you do …..
How well do you invest in your people? How well do you realise the value of your people?  How well do you acknowledge their health and well being as an important component of this?  Do you have succession planning in place?  How do you develop your current and future leaders?  How is talent identified and mentored?  What opportunities are your people given to learn, to grow and contribute back to your organisation?  How is their creativity unleashed?  How do you truly engage with your people so that they behave and make decisions as if the organisation was their own?
Today’s highly competitive business environment requires more than just good product and services; it requires companies to have a sustainable competitive advantage that cannot easily be replicated by your competitors.

What do you have in place to develop and support your greatest asset?