Turning strategy into action

Posted by Roxanne Chugg


Even though a new vision and strategy can be reinvigorating for your staff, their replenished energy can dissipate quickly if the direction to achieve the vision and strategy results in work that’s dull and simplistic, or conversely, doesn't translate to anything different happening at all. The solution for leaders is to translate the vision and strategy into projects and tasks that are interesting, challenging, and inline with developing employees’ talents and skills. This will truly engage your staff and inspire and energise them to achieve the outcomes you need them to to achieve the strategies and goals of the organisation.


Employees find it frustrating when they’re given projects or additional work without consideration for their current workload. This depletes their energy because it pushes them towards the burnout end of the spectrum; they feel that a lot of things happen not very well due to a lack of time and resources. I see many leaders give their best people extra work as a reward… how is this reward? It isn’t… unless there's been discussion and agreement around what needs reprioritisation (by changing deadlines) or to redirection (by reallocating resources). The focus within your team needs to be on doing things that contribute towards the achievement of the vision and strategy.

The actions of executives are often consumed by the high-level thinking needed to produce winning strategy without realising success will be determined by how well the subsequent direction energises and engages their employees. Because if this critical part of the equation falls off, there’s little chance you're organisation will ever achieve "excellent outcomes".