Tomorrow’s Leaders; how do you measure up?

Posted by Roxanne Chugg

My husband, Dale is a well known former Tasmanian and North Launceston Football Club (NLFC) football player and Life Member.  During his football career he has played under many great coaches, including Steven Goulding, David Rhys-Jones, Gary McIntosh and Matthew Armstrong.  Over the years he has learnt so much from them and used what he has learnt to develop his very own coaching and leadership style.  Dale is someone who has a natural ability to lead people.  He is has great integrity, inspires others to do their best and role models the type of behaviour he wants to see in those he leads.  Over the past four years Dale has the privilege to be coaching our 12 (almost 13) year old son’s football team at NLFC.  It gives me so much joy to watch him develop and interact with the kids; it is something he is just a natural at and he just loves it.

Our daughter Montana is very lucky to be attending St Patrick’s College (SPC) in Launceston, Tasmania.  She is a Year 11 student and during her years at SPC she has sought out and been given many opportunities to develop her leadership skills and qualities.  She is a person that I admire as she has a very clear vision of the type of person she wants to be and how she wants to contribute to the world around her in the future.  Under the mentoring of her Teachers at SPC she is learning what it means to be a future leader.

I recently came across this very interesting article on the 7 Qualities of future Leaders: Andreas von der Heydt, a leading Leadership and Executive Coach, explains that the leaders of tomorrow will need to possess a very different set up qualities, skills and values:

This article caused me to reflect on the types of leaders that I come across and how their leadership qualities will impact on others in the future.

How does your leadership style measure up?  Where do you need to develop further?