The truth about Lean

Posted by Roxanne Chugg

If you are considering Implementing Lean in your organisation ask yourself “what do I want to get out of this”?  Is it reducing employee complaints?  Is it improving our efficiency?  Is it competing in a global market?  It is improving safety?

There are many Tasmanian organisations that are currently implementing Lean through Business Action Learning Tasmania (BALT), using an external Consultant such as Excellent Outcomes’ expertise to build capability, doing it in-house or part of a Corporate initiative; these organisations are singing its praises and claiming massive improvements.  I have to say the Case Studies are impressive!

However, there are also organisations that insist that they’ve “done lean” and gained nothing but problems from it!

So what is the truth, what are the benefits of Lean?

Lean Manufacturing has originated from the Toyota Production System (TPS), unarguably the most successful automotive manufacturer in the world. Toyota consistently outsells any other manufacturer and its products top polls and surveys with regards to quality and reliability. They are also a profitable company unlike so many of their rivals facing bankruptcy around the world!

If Toyota’s success is not enough reason; what are the actual benefits of Lean?

When implemented effectively Lean:

  • removes waste from your processes
  • engages employees in active and visible improvement
  • improves customer satisfaction
  • improves profitability
  • improve safety
  • improve employee morale

Stay tuned in March where we’ll share some impressive success stories and lessons learnt from well know Tasmanian organisations.