The skill set required to turn strategy into action…

Posted by Roxanne Chugg

So we agree that we need our people to be effective at implementing change and improvement so what next?

After working to map out and agree on what the strategy is the next step to make it happen is to organise the implementation or doing phase.  Excellent organisations go straight from strategy development into implementation mode and this requires leaders and managers to have project management skills.

Project management is a practical approach to organising what needs to happen, by when and with what resources.  Project management encompasses the tools need to plan and execute your strategy… whatever that strategy is.  It turns great ideas on paper into demonstrable outcomes on the ground.

Excellent organisations map out their plan of attack and take the agreed deadlines and responsibilities seriously.  Commitments are kept within a culture of high performance; this comes from the top.  You don’t see any of this “I haven’t had time to work on that” or “I was waiting on Paul to get back to me with an answer”.

Leading organisations make it happen; they know where they want to be and how they are going to get there and their people are responsible and accountable for delivering on outcomes (not just activity).

How effective are you/ your organisation at implementation?