Take a little time to reflect and celebrate!

Posted by grafik

I see so many clients who just don’t take the time or their leaders don’t have the leadership style that celebrates success!

When it comes to managing change, people don‘t believe in a new direction until they’ve made up their mind about the authenticity, commitment and genuine state of the new order of things.  They believe when they actually see behaviour, actions, results and outcomes that lead them to conclude that the new way works better than the old way.

They key is to celebrate the wins and build on the successes.

Organisational change initiatives can be frustrating and take a long time. It is therefore critical to celebrate milestones once they have been reached.

Taking the time to celebrate is important because it acknowledges people’s hard work, boosts morale, shows people that you see what they are doing, maintains momentum, and neutralises skepticism about the change effort.

Celebrate your successes and everything you would like to see happen again.  Little victories – the things that have worked well, the ways your people have pleased or delighted customers, problems they have turned into solutions.  Remember…..

How do you reflect, recognise and celebrate success with your people?