Step 7 – Sustain the Gains

Posted by Roxanne Chugg

As the final blog in this series Roxanne shares insights and tools into “sustaining the gains” when you’re making an improvement.

Here the focus is on putting things in place to prevent us from slipping back into old habits…. To ensure that the improvement sticks.

During Step 7 be sure to ask and understand:

  • How will we create the conditions for change?
  • How will we introduce new/enhanced practices? Training?  Coaching? 
  • How will we make the changes “stick”?
  • What documentation do we need to be updated to capture the “this is the way we now do it” and how will we do this?
  • How will we maintain momentum?
  • How will we capture what we’ve done and learnt for future reference?
  • Who do we need to share what we’ve learnt with?  How will we do this?

Useful tools include:

  • Principles of managing change
  • Management System
  • Training and Development
  • Case Studies