Step 6 – Verify the outcomes being achieved

Posted by Roxanne Chugg

This step is often missed as we move onto the next thing on our To Do list or in our Action Plan but it’s a step that can help gather and maintain momentum and prevent people feeling change fatigue as they can see the benefits that their efforts are achieving.

During Step 6 be sure to ask and understand:

  • What is the information from your pilot (if you did one) telling you?
  • What are the results for the customers involved?  For your staff?  For your organisation?  Team?  Department?
  • To what extent was the pilot a success?  To what extent did the agreed actions lead to improvement?
  • What have you learnt?  About yourself?  Your clients? Your peers? Others that you serve?
  • Who do we need to communicate the outcomes to?  How?  When?  Who?
  • Who needs to be recognised for their efforts?  How?  When?  Who?
  • What needs to be done next?

Tools to use include:

  • Change Management
  • Improvement Charter, including Measures of Success
  • SMART Objectives
  • Stakeholder Model
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Case Studies

During this step we review the implementation plan and the measures developed earlier to determine the success of our improvements or changes.  Analysis of KPI’s takes place and we may go back to our stakeholders with the Stakeholder Model and undertake the activity again to determine and capture what improvement has actually taken place. 

Communication during this step is important; around the benefits and what has been achieved.