Standardised Work Practices

Posted by Roxanne Chugg

Over the past year we’ve been working with long term clients who have implemented improvement initiatives to develop standardised work so that these initiatives and a new way of working are sustained. 

Standardised work is one of the most powerful but under-valued lean tools. By documenting the current best practice, the one way we need to do this at this time, standardised work forms the baseline for continuous improvement. As the standard is improved, the new standard becomes the baseline for further improvements, and so on. Improving standardised work is a never-ending process.

Standardized work are suggested, approved, and overseen by Managers and Supervisors but are developed by the employees performing the work.  

The objective of standardised work is the removal of the eight Lean wastes at the process level while ensuring both quality and employee safety.  As a refresher, the eight Lean wastes are as follows:

During the months of October and November we’ll be sharing some insights and benefits of standardised work.