Risks of Implementing Lean

Posted by Roxanne Chugg

Lean it not a one size fits all tool that you can implement overnight with magical results!

It requires commitment and the involvement of everyone within your organisation.

It is often very easy to work around the principles of lean to hit short term targets at the end of each month to look good, this often undermines lean initiatives leading to its rapid dismissal as an effective tool by leaders, management and staff.

Gains made by individual applications of tools are often lost over a short period of time due to there being no overall focus on a lean culture for the business.

People can sometimes see that improvements to efficiency can make their jobs unnecessary so they resist the changes unless there are policies in place and a commitment by the organisation’s leaders in place to redeploy them in a productive manner.

Think about the things that might block successful Lean implementation in your organisation and put strategies in place as part of the overall Lean implementation to deal with the issues, roadblocks and resistance.

When implemented well… the results Lean can achieve for your organisation are amazing!  Stay tuned in our next blog as we explain what Lean is, some of the tools and share some Case Studies and success stories with you!