Reflect and take the time to celebrate success

Posted by Roxanne Chugg

As we work through frantically through our “to do” lists we often forget to take time to reflect on what we (as both individuals and organisations) are achieving, the difference we’ve been able to make, what we’ve learnt and what we could improve in the future.  We’re so busy dealing with the urgency of the here and now we forget to celebrates success and to look up and plan ahead.

Taking the time to reflect and celebrate is important because it acknowledges people’s hard work, boosts morale, shows people that you see and appreciate what they are doing, maintains momentum and helps us capture and share the outcomes we are achieving for our business, our customers, shareholders, stakeholders, ourselves.

Celebrate your successes and everything you would like to see happen again, acknowledge the efforts of your team, unashamedly talk about the things that have gone wrong and discuss, agree and capture ways to do it better next time.

You might do this by treating your team to morning tea or lunch, mentioning outcomes in a staff meeting, sharing the good news stories in your newsletter…. Each of you will have your own way of doing this. 
I recommend putting some guidelines together around this so that the leaders in your organisation know what they can do to reflect, recognise their people and celebrate successes.  Without some guidelines there is a risk that each leader will do this differently depending on their leadership style i.e. some will celebrate successes and do this really well with their team and others will have the attitude of “it’s their job and they don’t need any recognition”..... Remember….

How do you reflect, recognise and celebrate success with your people?