Recruitment – It needs to be a good fit…

Posted by Roxanne Chugg

How often do you hear of relatives being hired simply because of their family connection, or a candidate being offered the job because they were the popular choice – not because they demonstrated their skills and knowledge?

Recruitment is often not recognised as an integral organisational process, it is often treated as an ad-hoc or tick box exercise.

The importance of the candidate’s values being aligned to those of the organisation should not be overlooked. It is unrealistic to expect that a candidate will hold exactly the same personal values as those identified at an organisational level, but it is important that the individual has similar values and ethics which in time will grow towards those of the organisation. Unfortunately, if an employee has personal values and behaviours that aren’t aligned to those of the organisation it will become apparent early on, as new employees can’t change their personal values as they walk through the door.

What is the solution? Recognise that recruitment is not only about demonstrating skills, knowledge and experience; it is also about gaining an understanding of the individuals personal values, ethics and behaviour to ascertain whether these align to the expectations of the organisation. Don’t rush the recruitment process and don’t allow bias to influence your decision, allow adequate opportunities to assess behaviour and look for examples that demonstrate that the candidate has previously implemented actions that reflect their stated ‘values’.