Put your ‘to do list’ into your calendar

Posted by Roxanne Chugg

During August and September we’re sharing the habits of highly successful people….. today we give you some insights into the to do list and your schedule….

Studies show that only 41% of our “To Do List” actually gets done.  We leave each day with things on it left untouched, new items added and a feeling that the workload is never ending and that we’re putting out fires and not adding value.

Throw away your to-do list! Instead schedule everything on your calendar.   This means that we’re actually allocating time to do the things we need to do.  Be conscious of taking time to complete necessary daily tasks, participate in meetings and so on but also allocate time to take breaks, re-energise and work on things that will improve your work and the outcomes you’re achieving.

Highly successful people put EVERYTHING into their calendar and then work to and live by their calendar. 

Try it and see the difference it makes!!!