Output (Activity) versus Outcomes (Making a Difference)

Posted by Roxanne Chugg

Over the years I have seen many people who spend a lot of their time putting out the fires but actually don’t help their organisation achieve the strategic goals and outcomes and ultimately organisational success.

Achieving outcomes that can be demonstrated and celebrated seems to elude many leaders and managers committed to implementing change and improvement.

At Excellent Outcomes we guide and support our clients to execute strategy and implement change and improvement … that really makes a difference.
I have learnt that the people who are most effective at implementing change and improvement are competent in a few of key areas that leaders often lack:

  • They have excellent project management skills;
  • They are well organised; able to manage their energy and time; and
  • They hold people accountable to deliver on strategic outcomes

Over the next couple of weeks Roxanne will take you through her insights and share some ways to help you move to implement change and improvement more effectively.

Stay tuned!