Our clients and the relationships they have with us are the foundation of everything we do

Posted by Roxanne Chugg

Here at Excellent Outcomes our clients and the relationships they have with us are the foundation of everything we do…… as part of our ethos we promise to:

Listen… to understand

We understand the most important foundation of building solutions is listening to ensure we understand your values, goals, objectives, desired outcomes and timeframes. That’s why we listen closely and take the time to get to know you and your organisation to build a trusting relationship that delivers results.

Develop solutions… to meet your needs

Based on extensive knowledge and experience over 24 years, we develop insightful solutions that meet your goals and objectives. With integrity, dedication, passion, creativity, and a long history of proven success, we will bring together business improvement strategies and practical how to advice to help your organisation to enhance planning, people, processes and performance. We know what makes organisations successful and sustainable.

Deliver outcomes… that make a difference

We understand that change and improvement can be challenging. We can work with you and your business to implement the agreed solutions effectively and efficiently to achieve outcomes that can be demonstrated to your stakeholders. We work with management and staff at all levels to develop relationships and deliver solutions and outcomes that transform your business.

Be versatile and collaborative…

Every business has different and very specific needs and objectives. Just as business need to be versatile and adaptive, so are we to ensure we develop solutions that reflect the intricacies of your business across a wide range of business practices. We work closely with you and your people in a collaborative approach, ensuring the process is transparent, our knowledge is shared and the capability of your business and your people is enhanced so that you are able to take ownership of the solutions and transformation.

Developing strong client relationships

Building and maintaining client relationships is a central part of what we do. Whatever type of product or service we are providing it is an essential consideration that we have lasting and trusted relationships with the people who provide us with work. We can be the very best at what we do, but treat our clients badly and we’re going to lose them. There are some simple steps you can take to build lasting client relationships. As with the relationships in other areas of our lives, the way we interact with work clients should be based on mutual trust and respect. By communicating openly and honestly we can quickly turn these interactions into something more personal, working together as people rather than business contacts. Providing the best work efficiently and on time are the basics, but we can go beyond this by learning more about our customers, teaching skills and sharing knowledge, and creating networks.

  1. Clearly Plan – ensure you understand your client’s needs and expectations and prepare an outline of the project, scope, deliverables, deadlines, what’s included and what’s not. Develop a proposal and project plan with all of the detail; leave nothing to chance
  2. Communication Openly and Effectively – make yourself available, meet face to face, be proactive about communicating clearly and well from the beginning to the end of your project
  3. Share Your Knowledge - share your knowledge and apply your skills to a wider range of problems than your client expected you capable of.  Be generous in sharing your knowledge and always consider ways of adding extra value for your client; go that extra mile…. Surprise and delight your customers and clients
  4. Network - in addition to sharing your skills and knowledge with clients, it also helps to share contacts from within your networking circle. Put your clients in contact with others working on a similar project or facing the same challenges
  5. Meet Deadlines – ensure work is completed on time and within expectations.  If things do go wrong, be proactive about communicating with your client and collaborate around getting things right