Moving to the second phase - DOING!

Posted by Roxanne Chugg

Step 5 – Implement the improvement

We now move to the “doing” phase.  This is where we move from ideas and concepts to agreeing on what ACTUALLY needs improving.

During Step 5 be sure to ask and understand:

  • What might prevent the improvements from happening?
  • What might go wrong? What might the consequences be?  How will we manage this?
  • How will we coordinate the talent to make it all happen?
  • What is our plan and how will we resource our plan; who will do what/ when/ where/ how?
  • How will we maintain momentum and ensure everyone is doing what they committed to do?

Tools to use include:

  • Forcefield Analysis
  • Change Management
  • Impact Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Project Plan/Implementation Plan

During this step it is critical to develop a plan to implement agreed improvements.  This is the point where, without a formal implementation plan to make the change or improvement happen, the solution has a high risk of failing.

Where possible integrate improvements into current department, workgroup or your daily work plans.

During the implementation step it is important to monitor the plan on a regular basis to ensure recommended improvements are being implemented as intended and that people are doing what was agreed.  The reviews can be as informal or as formal as necessary.  Use the review to determine progress against the plan, identify slippage and maintain momentum.