Making Improvement happen

Posted by Roxanne Chugg

In a series of blogs in August and September, Roxanne shares her insights into how you can make improvement happen in your organisation.

Making Improvement happen

There’s no one way to identify, consider and implement improvements and a number of factors come into play e.g. commitment of leadership, capability of staff, a process to help make it all happen, which tools to use e.g. Lean, Six Sigma?

My advice… keep it simple….

Your approach may include:

  • Ensuring there’s context to the improvement efforts; so why are we doing this and what benefits will it achieve for me/us/our customers?
  • Ensuring Senior leadership are visibly committed to the improvement efforts
  • Determining how it’s going to work i.e. how improvement opportunities will be identified and considered? 
  • Identifying some quick wins to get some runs on the board
  • Selecting a suitable methodology e.g. Plan-Do-Check-Act
  • Identifying a range of tools that may be useful
  • Selecting and progressively train and coach people in the methodology to use this type of methodology to systematically guide your improvement efforts
  • Developing, using, training and coaching people in using a range of tools in your tool kit to help you work through the steps in your methodology
  • Using the methodology to work through some quick wins and then demonstrate and educate others on the benefits being achieved
  • Reviewing and monitoring the methodology and tools and the things it’s helping to achieve
  • Celebrate the achievement of your quick wins

Next week Roxanne will share some insights into the steps of the methodology…