Lean … it really does achieve results!

Posted by Roxanne Chugg

The Action Learning Institute is a registered training organisation (RTO) established in 2013 to deliver nationally recognised qualifications, entirely through project-based action learning.

The Action Learning Institute’s Lean Action Learning Program was developed in South Australia in 2006 to enable South Australian companies to collaborate to implement Lean. This program has since gained national exposure, particularly in Tasmania, where a local initiative, Business Action Learning Tasmania (BALT), has established an active action learning community founded on Lean Action Learning. The Action Learning Institute now also offers a Sustainable Action Learning Program for companies wishing to collaborate to improve their sustainability.

Intercompany collaboration is key to the Action Learning Institute’s programs. In a typical program, three companies each nominate a project and two or three program participants. This means three projects and up to nine participants. Each project must address an issue of real importance for the host company. Participants are mixed and matched so that each person participates in two project teams, their ‘home’ project and one of the ‘away’ projects. This way each participant has the opportunity to bring ‘fresh eyes’ to another company’s project as well as tackling a project highly important to their own company.

A typical program extends over nine months. Upon successful completion of a program, participants are eligible for qualifications in Competitive Systems and Practices or Sustainable Operations at Certificate III, IV or Diploma Level. Assessment is based on the individual’s contribution and observed behavior when working as part of a team, and their leadership effectiveness when implementing the project team’s recommendations for their home company. Throughout the program, they are mentored by highly qualified facilitators.

The Action Learning Institute has developed unique systems to assess competence of individuals in an action learning setting. As a result the Action Learning Institute is believed to be unique in the world in delivering qualifications entirely through project-based action learning. The program is particularly suited to talented people who might not normally shine in a traditional classroom environment.
The Action Learning Institute’s programs are not just about delivering qualifications and developing individuals. Participating companies achieve significant and quantifiable business results from the improvements implemented by the action learning teams over the six to nine months.

I am delighted to be a Tasmanian based Action Learning Facilitator.  I am currently working with the Action Learning Institute’s other Tasmanian Facilitator Bill Woodworth, facilitating projects in the Tamar Valley Program with Bell Bay Aluminium and AP Kempe, TasRail and Tasmanian Alkaloids the participants in this program.

For more information about the Action Learning Institute visit the website www.actionlearninginstitute.com.au or our blog http://www.acelg.org.au/news/local-government-workforce-profile-released