How important is it for leaders to role model ‘leadership behaviour’?

Posted by Roxanne Chugg

What is the difference between a manager and a leader? A leader doesn’t necessarily have the authority of a manager; in fact a leader can be anyone in the workforce junior, senior, part time or casual.

To define a leader in its simplistic form is someone who sets an example that others choose to follow. So, does a leader need to role model leadership behaviour? Yes, the role modelling of leadership behaviours is the key to how others identify ‘leaders’. If someone rarely or occasionally displays leadership behaviours then it is unlikely others will follow. In fact a leader who fails to role model leadership behaviour will not be recognised as a ‘leader’ and is more likely to be a ‘manager’ who hasn’t developed ‘leadership capability’.

It is extremely important that a leader consistently displays behaviours that  others can recognise and aspire to, demonstrating a capability that is not a result of delegated power, but a result of motivation, credibility, honesty and hard work.

Simply having “Leader” or calling someone a leader won’t make others follow….