Fostering sound relationships with your clients/customers and stakeholders…

Posted by Roxanne Chugg

When I ask leading organisations what their point of difference is many will go on to explain to me that their key focus and point of difference is relationships.  Developing, nurturing and managing relationships.

We agree. 

Developing relationships based on trust, agreement to share, learn and improve and a commitment to follow through on promises are key aspects of managing relationships with customers/clients and stakeholders.


  • How do you develop customer/client and other stakeholder relationships?
  • How do you ensure that your customers/clients have a positive experience?
  • How do you seek and act on customer/client and stakeholder feedback?
  • How would your clients like you to manage your relationship with them? Have you asked them?
  • Why do believe some of your relationships grow while others stagnate?
  • How do you collect feedback on their perception of value?
  • How do you measure the total experience?
  • How do you leverage feedback to continuously improve?

By taking some time to ponder over these questions you can reflect on how well you manage relationships and where your improvement efforts needs to focus.