Do you have the capability to deliver on your plans?

Posted by Roxanne Chugg

Thinking at the strategic level and strategic planning is nothing new; it seems like common sense but it’s often not done well.

For organisations that have mapped out where they’re heading over the next 10, 15, 20 years there is often a significant gap between the future and the capability within the organisation to reach it.

Closing the “capability gap” is often a balance between recruiting for required talent and developing current employees who are already invested in your organisation.

It’s this linkage to your organisation’s purpose, future and desired behaviour that can make in-house and customised training such an effective way of developing capability. Every industry and almost every business is unique. Matching desired capabilities to organisational needs and backing this up with a Capability Plan in training, learning and development your people will ensure business success as well as an engaged and motivated workforce.

Here at Excellent Outcomes we partner with the Action Learning Institute, SAI Global and The Australian Institute of Management (AIM) to bring our clients world class training and development solutions that really make a difference.

How well do you bridge the gap between the future and the capability you need to achieve your organisation’s future direction?