Develop the emotional intelligence skill of “management of others”

Posted by Roxanne Chugg

This week we examine the skill of “emotional management of others” in a series of blogs by Roxanne from May-July.

GENOS Emotional Intelligence Model

Emotional management of others is a leadership skill which enables you to influence the moods and emotions of others. It involves creating a positive working environment, helping people find effective ways of responding to challenging or upsetting events, and effectively helping people resolve issues that are affecting their performance and the performance of the team.

Productive emotions produce positive performance and results. This skill equips leaders with the capacity to get peers and colleagues to cooperate and work effectively together. Leaders who can positively influence others’ moods, feelings and emotions are empowering to work with and easily motivate those around them.

Why develop the skill of “management of others”

Developing our skills to manage the emotions of others can help us to:

  • Lead our people to achieve high performance and demonstrable outcomes
  • Manage conflict and have difficult conversations
  • Drive and implement effective change
  • Inspire others to be their best

How do you develop your skills in “management of others”?

Leading others effectively and being able to manage the emotions of others is a process that begins with your ability to recognise and understand what other people are experiencing. Some ways to do this might include:

  • Being aware of how effectively you use non verbal communication
  • Being aware of the non verbal communication signals of others i.e. body language
  • Find out what makes each of your team members “tick”; what’s important to them
  • Develop sound and effective listening skills
  • Have empathy; put yourself in others’ shoes

There are many benefits to improving the way we manage others’ emotions

Leaders who possess this skill inspire their people, work through conflict effectively, are adaptive and open to change and know their team well.

Managing others emotions is a critical skill in being a great leader. How effective are you?