Are you getting “true value from your values”…

Posted by Roxanne Chugg
Core values

We’ve worked with our clients over many years to help them understand the "value of values" … to create a culture that is "a great place to work". Now I'm not talking about values as one word statements, depicted with lovely icons carefully placed in Reception, the Board Room, on screen savers or mouse pads. I am talking values that "truly represent desired behaviour".

Leading organisations share their values in statements which also outline expected behaviours. For example:


To us this means .........................................
It does not mean .........................................

Now putting values together on paper does not automatically make people behave that way in practice. So think about ways to embed these values and ensure senior leaders role model the desired behaviour at all times.

Some ways to do embed the values in your organisation may include:

  • Give staff at all levels the opportunity to develop/review the values and discuss what they think they mean in terms of desirable and undesirable behaviour.  Don't just develop these at the senior level and then impose them on everyone; they may not buy into them and won’t feel like they own them
  • Updating your recruitment and selection process to include criteria around "attributes" not just skills and knowledge
  • Discussing values and expected behaviours in inductions, training and refresher training
  • Reflecting at the conclusion of meetings; did our meeting behaviour align with our values?
  • Ensuring your policies support the values and behaviours and not conflict with them
  • Calling up behaviours when they aren't in line with the desired values and behaviours
  • Discussing values and behaviours during informal and formal performance appraisal discussions
  • Using values and behaviours as the platform to have those difficult converstions around performance management
  • Ensuring your reward and recognition initiatives support and align with values and desired behaviours

How do you go about using values and behaviours to create "a great place to work"?