Applying knowledge to add value in your organisation

Posted by Roxanne Chugg

There really is no substitute for knowledge. Leading organisations establish systems and processes to consolidate knowledge and share it across the organisation, rather than operating in their silos.  Leading organisations use knowledge to support decision making, stimulate innovative thinking and ensure business success and sustainability into the future.

Consider these key points:

  • How well do you define what you need to have knowledge about i.e. what are your knowledge requirements?
  • How well do you find, create and enhance knowledge? How do you use internal and external sources to develop knowledge? 
  • How do you harness the knowledge and expertise of your people and embed this into the organisation's systems?
  • How do you encourage the use of knowledge? What systems are in place for your people to access, discuss and build on data and information to create organisational knowledge?

We see many organisations make the same mistakes over and over due to them not capturing and considering organisational and individual knowledge. A good example of this is the failure to be "a learning organisation" i.e. regularly reflecting, learning from past mistakes and building improvements back into the way things are done.