An HR Framework; ensuring your employees know what is expected of them

Posted by Roxanne Chugg

The importance of an organisation’s Human Resource (HR) Framework should not be overlooked; it is imperative that policies and procedures are formalised and communicated to employees so that expectations are clearly understood.  Other components of the HR Framework should include processes and systems that support and educate employees allowing them to perform their role to the best of their ability.

How does your workplace induct new employees? Is there a consistent process to ensure all employees receive the information they need, when they need it? Induction processes are often an ad hoc process, employees might receive policy information initially but from there it is up to the new employee to constantly seek out the information they need. Often it is the simple things, but it is important to remember that the early days of the employment relationship will play a key role in engaging the new employee.

Why not consider developing a manual or handbook that covers off all of the frequently asked questions from a new employee’s perspective?  Once developed it will provide useful information for all employees and an annual update will keep the details current.  Why not consider developing an e-version that can be placed on the company intranet, or printed for those who prefer to access a hardcopy? Don’t forget to ensure the document is version controlled and if policy and procedural information is included in the document formalise an acknowledgement on completion with an employee sign off that can be accessed at a later if required.

Ensuring HR policies and procedures are current, accessible and communicated will ensure that your people know what is expected of them and give them guidance to perform their role.