A Flexible Approach

Posted by Roxanne Chugg

It wasn’t that long ago that requesting flexible working hours was the exception and only accommodated for a select few, many employers still have a belief that fulltime is the only option.

For those employer’s who have embraced flexible working they are learning that flexibility is an essential part of engaging with their employee’s and have recognised that it plays an increasingly important role in the attraction and retention of great staff. There is an untapped talent pool of professionals that will only consider flexible working hours, they are knowledgable, experienced, efficient and productive – unfortunately the opportunities are still too few and far between.

What roles can be given work flexibility and how can the organisation still respond to customers and clients without compromising service levels,consider a strategic management approach rather than continuing with ad-hoc reactive flexible arrangements on a case by case basis. 

When managing flexibility in the workplace consider your unique business needs and then balance this with flexibility options that allow employees to balance their workload with business and personal priorities, ensure that your strategic flexible management approach is structured to ensure accountability with clear boundaries and a consistent organisational approach.